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To design a mobile app that uses sound, to destress and increase the work quality and productivity or remote workers, to be used for research purpose, and to have the data sold later to research centers and universities. while also having the potential of growing in the future and being subscription based project (it has to be a mobile app not a slack or browser plugin)


mobile app
The Project

To Craft an Intuitive UI that Seamlessly Addresses User Needs, Resolves Pain Points, and Elevates the User Experience. Our Mission is to Create a Delightful Journey that Captivates Users and Inspires Lasting Engagement.

the data will be collected with the knowledge of the users, and wont be used except if the users accepts that again later on an email, and wont be linked to their personal data by anyway (for privacy consideration) also, he wants business help to verify the idea, and if the users will really use the app

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