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Creating the branding for MetaSync involved designing a set of brand assets and selecting a color palette that encapsulates their innovative approach to merging music, art, and blockchain technology. Our focus was on crafting a visual identity that resonates with their mission to revolutionize the way creators distribute and monetize their work in the digital space.


web 3.0
The Project

The chosen colors and design elements reflect MetaSync's dynamic and creative essence, aiming to attract artists and musicians interested in exploring new frontiers of digital ownership and collaboration. The branding strategy was meticulously developed to ensure coherence across all platforms, enhancing MetaSync's visibility and appeal to a global audience.

Our collaborative efforts with MetaSync have laid the foundation for a brand identity that not only stands out in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape but also aligns with their vision of empowering creators. This holistic branding approach underscores MetaSync's commitment to innovation and community-building within the decentralized music and art ecosystem.

Anschnitt einer Person, die auf das muli Lastenrad aufsteigt